Spring has sprung!

We hope it’s finally safe to say that summer is just around the corner.  The snow hung on for a while this year and now we are finally seeing the trees bud, flowers bloom and weeds start to take over our yards.  With the warmer temperatures it’s nice to be able to be outdoors but with that also comes allergies.  I think we can all say that we will take the allergies over the snow from this winter. 

Flowers of the season bloom at different times.  Marie shares some of the late spring flowers in the article below.  I love flowers at any time of the year but my favorite late spring flower is the bleeding hearts.  They have such beautiful color and the way they fall over the pot makes them perfect for hanging. 

The Spruce – Late Spring Flowers

Summer flowers are a wonderful way to help brighten the season.  There are annuals and perennials, does everyone know the difference?  I am not sure why but for some reason I sometimes get confused… From the articles I have read below I know that my favorite plants are annuals.  They have more color and while they do sometimes require more work than the perennials, which you can plant and will come back every year, I just love the colors of the annuals.  It’s tough at the end of the season to see the annuals die off, but it is quite exciting to know that you will be able to get and grow new fresh, beautifully colored annuals next spring.  There are so many articles on the different kinds of annuals and I just love to see all the colors and varieties.  There are some great tips in the articles below for how to manage the different flowers, whether it be annuals or perennials.

Country Living – Annuals vs. Perennials

Fall!  I love fall, it is my favorite time of the year.  There are sweatshirts, campfires and what kind of flowers?!?  Until I started researching this article I had no idea how many beautiful flowers there were in the fall.  All I knew was it was my favorite time of year.  The trees are changing colors and there are mums!  I love a beautiful basket of mums but there are so many other flowers that bloom and while I appreciated them in color, I had no idea what their names were.  Below is a link to an article with some of the beautiful fall flowers names and how to take care of them. 

Costa Farms – Annual Fall Flowers

Knowing that the snow is gone, I have so much excitement about the upcoming summer, except for weeds…  My husband and I try to go the all natural route when trying to get rid of weeds and I found the article below where a couple of the items we have actually tried.  We have done the newspaper under the mulch in our flower beds, which has worked.  The only thing is that you have to redo it every year, which isn’t terrible, I would much rather put paper down than weed my garden.  The other thing we do for our lawn is put down the corn meal gluten.  We get this as Hsu Growing Supply .  They have always been very helpful with how to manage our yard.  The corn meal gluten helps to keep seeds from germinating, which is good for dandelions but not for fresh grass seed.  So, with this, timing is important.  From Hsu they advised us to put the corn meal down mid May, then six weeks after that we can plant grass seed.  Then in the fall put more corn meal gluten down.  This helps prevent the fall weeds.  We have been doing this for a couple years and while we do still have dandelions, I still feel that we have less than we would have had we not been doing it.  There are a couple of other natural ways, which are very interesting, you have to see below!

House Logic – Naturally Removing Weeds

We can all agree that flowers are great and weeds are not.  But, they come hand-in-hand and are a sure sign that the temperatures are fabulous and the snow is gone! 


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