Farmer’s market season is in full swing in Central Wisconsin!

As young parents we attempted a garden and found we just didn’t have a green thumb. This is when we discovered the Weston Farmers Market, back when it was located at the Village of Weston Municipal Center.  I was intimidated at first, not knowing how things worked or if one vendor was better than others when they all seemed to have the same produce. On that first trip, I remember having two little boys in tow, excited to see new things.  One of the vendors gave them each a cherry tomato and I laughed because I figured they wouldn’t eat them.  Low and behold, the vendor convinced them to give it a try!  This is just one of many market experiences that have us coming back for more!

After years of attending farmer’s markets around the area I’ve found a love of buying local.  The plants seem to be hardy and acclimated to our local weather, the handmade items are unique and the produce is fresh and local.  Over the years the markets have evolved to include local food trucks, which is a fun addition to the shopping experience as well!  Our favorites are Danny’s Gyros and Hula Hut for some Hawaiian pulled pork or ribs.

Not sure where to start? Here are a few tips from my experiences

  • Early is best! The vendors will sell out, especially on the weekends with good weather.
  • I usually take a lap around to check everything out and then circle back to buy what I want.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask the vendors questions! They are proud of their offerings and are happy to share!
  • Bring cash in small bills to make checkout easier.
  • Carry along a reusable grocery bag to put your items in. Being able to throw it on your shoulder allows your hands to be free.
  • Know what is in season. For example, sugar snap peas in early August can be bitter and hard because they’re typically harvested in early July.


Here are just a few local farmers markets in our area:

Do you have a favorite farmers market?  What is your favorite item to purchase there? 

Enjoy your summer of shopping local!

Alissa Prentice, Owner/Realor®


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