There are so many different options when it comes to camping. You can use a tent, travel trailer, popup trailers, fifth wheel trailers, and mobile trailers. Now days you can even rent cabins and go glamping! (glamour + camping = glamping)

Our family (immediate and extended) loves to go camping! Most of us have travel trailers, as they are easier to use as you get older. Some have popups and our younger cousins still use a tent. For summer holidays, you can find us having a great time while taking up half the campground. It’s good wholesome family time! We love enjoying the beach to work on our tans and get caught up on family happenings. When we are not at the beach we are normally eating, napping or playing games. 

And who doesn’t LOVE to snack?! Camping is always the best time to bring out all the great snacky foods. Sometimes our meals revolve around our snacks. And of course when you have a full belly, it is a good time to rest your eyes for a few minutes. 

The games we play have changed over the years. When I was younger, we would be running around the campsite playing tag or 4 square or riding our bikes around the loop. During the rainy days, we had Battle Ship and Yahtzee. Grandma, dad and aunts liked to play Scrabble or work on word searches. I always remember my mom reading a book. Now days we all get together for an adventures game of Yahtzee or Sequence as we have become competitive and like to make up our own rules. We’ve also been known to have a good game of Jenga with the big homemade blocks. 

My husband and I love going camping, even when we just go by ourselves. We always have visitors that stop by whether they are human or animals. Camping is just a great time to get outside and have some fun.

– Nicole Reichelt, Office Administrator

Most state parks are open but some county parks are still closed. Make sure you call before you head out.

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