Have you always worked from home? Is it a new normal for you? Have you found some perks to working at home? Some people think working from home is great while others need a different setting in order to separate home and work.

When the Safer at Home had a set date everyone was scrambling to set up an office or separate space at home for work. I have to admit, a month before the Safer at Home order was placed, I was working two separate jobs, an office job and a job where I used the kitchen table. Husband didn’t like all the paperwork and computer monitor sitting on the kitchen table every other day so we went shopping for a small desk. I was finally able to have a separate place for work right before the Safer at Home went into place. I also had just started a new job the day before Safer at Home.

So there I was with a new job, new schedule and new location of HOME as WORK. I was thinking like everyone else, working from home will be great. All I have to do is roll out of bed, sit at my desk and get work done. At first it was great to be able to sleep until the last minute, pop out of bed and sit at my desk, in my pjs of course. It was a learning curve for me as I had just started a new job, trying to complete tasks asked of me while navigating around new programs I had just learned. It was great for the first few weeks until I started to realize I needed to separate work from home as I can see that laundry sitting there and the snacks upstairs calling my name. As soon as my husband was home I was done working (not necessarily the end of my work day, just that there was another human to see and chat with). To which I came to realize I NEEDED to set a schedule. Wake up at same time every day, change into clothes (even if into different sweat pants) and set time for breaks and when I could call it an end of day. The schedule actually started to work better for my sanity.

In the last few weeks, I’ve had the pleasure to talk with many friends and family about what they have changed in order to work from home. One of our cousins has to turn on certain lights in the house and has some rooms closed off during the time he needs to work. He said turning certain lights on and off and room setting has really helped him separate work from home to focus. Another family member didn’t want to work from home and put it off as long as she could but was able to finally set up a desk at home. It took her that full month to actually start to like working at home but was ready to get back into an office setting. She is currently alternating working at home and office with coworker. Talking with a few people, the alternating with coworkers seems to be a new normal so one person is in the office at a time but everyone is still working. Our aunt had picked one day a week to go into her office because it was easier to focus and get plenty for work done in that normal office setting. I also started to come into the office two times a week. Our office was closed but it was nice to come in and  sort out what I could get done at home vs work office since I had different computer program options set on different computers.

All people have different options and mind sets to overcome to make working from home work for them.

Here are some great articles and some positive stance if you are still struggling to find that happy medium.

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Written by:

Nicole Reichelt
Office Administrator 


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